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Originally Posted by Briareos
Justin, on a translational note:

Now that I've re-read Trigun Vol.1 (and I don't know why I missed this the first time) I see that there are no side-bar translations of the sound effects. Was this an intentional decision or an oversight?
I spent the majority of my translation effort (and time) in translating (or interpreting) sound fx. Only about 5% of them were overwritten (photoshop or the like). They insisted on the FX translation, so I was as surprised (or more so, probably) as you that they were not included. I can certainly understand why they were not blotted out as they're an integral part of Nightow's artwork, but I was anticipating a side-bar or the like, as well.

My contract is quite specific about the script not being public domain, but if you find any sound fx that were particularly puzzling or unclear, I see no harm in answering any "onesie-twosie" specific questions you might have.
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