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Screenshot for Episode 1: Adding another batch of screenshot similar to those of Omni's just because it was so easy.

Originally Posted by Xellos-_^ View Post
I will be watching it for the story
Just saw it, and.... oh boy! Well, the animator surely have spent most of their effort to capture the "story". You know what... let me put the "story" in italics. There! This is not a show for fans who maintain any sort of inhibition toward a show whose main focus and objective is fanservi.. I mean, "story." I've watched the whole 20 mins, paid as much attention to the said dialogues as possible, and yet, I'm completely lost about exactly what transpired in this episode. The background music also seem quite tamed considering the type of show this is. I don't really remember much about the first season, but I think the BGM was much better in the first series. The animation, well.. let's not have any high hopes for animation quality for this series. If the first episode is any indication to it, the animation probably is going to get much worse as the show progresses.

The characters... I like Kaun, and that's that. Then again, I liked her since the first season. This show is in no way a fighting series. The general fans who will want to watch it, will watch it for the "story." It's a show I will never be able to take seriously no matter how serious the events will pretend to be. Then why will I continue to watch it? Like Xellos said, for the "story" of course, along with the cheap laugh from a pretentious plot device to create an opportunity for the "story" at every 20 seconds of interval in average per episode! If I've made a mistake in the math, then please correct me since I've lost count half way in the episode as to how many time the focus was put on the "story." Oh, and the visual in the ending theme doesn't count since the whole thing is comprised of a nonstop sequence of "story."
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