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Shiori, Nayuki and Sayuri for me.

Shiori - easily my favorite Kanon girl. I have always had a soft spot for the "nice girl who has serious health problems" type. I liked her personality, and her catch phrase was an instant win as well The scene with her crying in Yuuichi's arms in the last ep sealed the deal - she has been smiling all the time, not to trouble any one around her, and this scene where she lets out all those bottled up emotions was a powerful one indeed. "She already knows the strength it takes to smile until the end" indeed.

Her arc was also the one that managed to extract the most emotions from me. Plus, she is the voice of KyoAni that explains miracles to us, and she gets a remix of the OP song (And ungodly level of animation for her arc )

Nayuki - what to say... hats off in front of this girl. She has nothing but my utmost respect. By the end you just want to embrace her and let her cry on your shoulder - she finally needs some love. I have every reason there is to sympathize with the poor girl.

Sayuri - ~Ahaha indeed. For some reason i loved that dry sounding laughter of hers. And the reason behind it, as well as her story, is the second most touching one for me. *looks at results* - wow, Sayuri leading the poll
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