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ooo poll number 2

1) shiori ~ it was love at first sight...i remember when she fell down and immediatly i thought..."i have my girl!" and sure enough it stook out to the end she had a pretty tragic story as well even if it doesnt seem so at first...her type of personality makes her keep all the bad feelings inside which to the audience doesnt seem much...but the crying scene says it fact she doesnt want to die but at the same time doesnt want to show her unhappiness...poor girl *hugs*

2) nayuki ~ up til near the end i didnt have much in for nayuki...but knowing about that past really nailed it in for me...she also the type that puts a mask on to hide her inner feelings *hugs again*

3) akiko ~ now who doesnt love the milf? but seriously speaking she is a great mother...caring and kind but also quite intellegant ~ the car shock was too much for my heart...*hugs*

4) akiko's jam ~ i was blackmailed my akiko

5) yuuichi ~ this guy is a legend...sure he had a dodgy past but his present is what matters...realizing his wrongs he admits to them (unlike a lot of male leads...) ~ strong hearted and caring (but only if he was a bit more to nayuki >.<) ~ funny guy but can also be serious...truly a master of personalities

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