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Mai - sorry, not a lot of rationale here but my heart stops when she's onscreen. Eats like a warrior, doesn't waste energy on unnecessary words, just beautiful to watch in motion.
Shiori - this is a shocker for me.... I really don't tend to care for this type of character but she's just got such charming moments and the mix of humor in the face of tragedy apparently lassoed my moe-meter.
Nayuki - I've always been tragically fond of Nayuki (it must be that big red target crosshair painted on her forehead) but though they could have done better... they could have left her out entirely.
Yuuichi - one of the "least annoying" male drama leads I've come across in many moons (Kouhei in Tsukuyomi is fairly close... the male lead in REC perhaps?). Yuuichi is portrayed as witty and smart.. but emotional wreckage after the shields get ripped off.

Of course, allowing for my age... one could do far worse than the bodisvhatta goddess Akiko. Honestly, I could click all the marks because this is an ensemble kind of show where if you don't like most of the characters, the show simply won't work properly.

In the first poll, I chose (quote):
Unfortunately, this story is full of complementary and interlocking characters so its difficult for me to narrow down:
Yuuichi, Ayu, Nayuki -- they're the core, if I don't like them, I'm not sure how its possible to like the story.
Akiko -- always seems to be forgotten in the polls but she has some of the BEST lines in the story and the mystery of why she always seems to know but never speaks up... and that jam hobby of hers...
Mai -- because she's Mai, dammit (guilty happiness when she's onscreen).

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