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Originally Posted by secretzfan View Post
Spoiler for Anime leader crossover:

Spoiler for Bleach movie 4:

Spoiler for Bleach movie 3- Fade to Black:
1st spoiler: Anime Leader brawl!
2nd spoiler: Seen it enough, but still good
3rd spoiler: IchixRuki service here

Originally Posted by MisterJB View Post
Spoiler for manga:

Spoiler for Hollow Ichigo:

Spoiler for Byakuya/Yoruichi:

Spoiler for Soi Fon It could be a Death Note crossover, I'm not too sure:
1st spoiler: Aizen was probably like "Bring it ladies, theirs plenty of me around"
2nd spoiler: Hollow Ichigo looks cool
3rd spoiler: Byakuya.. What about your..
4th spoiler: The next L is reborn!
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