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Originally Posted by Guido View Post
I've already finished watching the last episode to Vampire Knight Guilty today, and likely as many or several of you might have realized this episode was almost full of anime-original content.


For those two mistakes I would have graded this final episode with a '7', but instead gave it an '8' due how excellent Yuuri's performance came out smoothly when she spoke to both Zero and Kaname at the conclusion.

There's just not enough manga material for them to make the ending "any more different" than they did. If they really were to spend the time to explain zero's true feelings, and a lot of the other scenes...then theyd have to have a 3rd season given that they were only slated 13 episodes for this season...And they don't have enough material to make a 3rd separate season. As for the whole "sweet dream hasn't ended yet", well we probably won't be seeing a 3rd season anytime soon since the manga comes out very slowly.

All im saying is, sure the last episode might've been disappointing, but given/keeping in mind where the manga currently is, i thought they did a decent job of getting the basic jist of the story
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