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okay so i said that my second post was my last.

i think i'm really good at this. telling things that i don't really do. ;p

i love the ending of vampire knight guilty.

zero telling yuki that if ever they meet again he will kill her.
yuki thinking that the best way to protect zero is to stay away from him.
kaname living his whole life with the one person he ever longed for.

this is better than a happily ever after ending.

and animes with open-ending are better remembered than animes with a happy ending. animes with tragic ending are best remembered. (e.g main character dying at the end of the series)

i know there will be some / many who will contradict this statement.
but this is my opinion. you have yours. and that's okay.


they say that the ending in the manga is different. and a lot better. i guess i should read that soon.
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