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Narukana's route gives her Primordial One as her attack skill and that spell which uses 6 mana but heals her HP with the damage done. Forgot about her route-only defense skill but I'm not even sure if she has one. Primordial One, while very powerful, should have been a Pe skill in order to increase its usefullness.

Ruptna's lack of % damage skills is what effectively kills her in the higher difficulties, same with Satsuki. But unlike Ruptna, she has her Aura Photon Break to offset that so she's not as useless.

Anyways, Ruptna's route-only defense skill is pretty useful, but compared to Satsuki, I'd take Satsuki-senpai anyday. Plus, Ruptna's final attack, Rampage Bull, is rather bleh. Her route-only support is Tidal Wave which is a pretty good attack support spell, but it's Material-heavy in damage which limit its usefulness.
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