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Originally Posted by Last Sinner View Post
Oh...he finally got round to updating it again! Haven't checked for a fair while. I hope he eventually does it for all six routes though. I wanna know the exact wordings for the Katima route. ><

I guess he picked Narukana as a translation because it's probably the most story rich one and supposedly the 'true' ending. Maybe he likes Narukana the most out of the six as well. Wouldn't blame him. But I'll always favour Katima myself. ^^ I found it rather fascinating how utterly different the Chapter 10s and 11s were between Katima and Satsuki routes. However, they were both suited to both of their styles/personalities.

Truth be told though, for my third playthrough, I'd like to pick whoever needs the move upgrades the most. Narukana and Naya both seem quite powerful already. cranston told me Nozomi's moves weren't much of an upgrade. So I'm wondering whether I should do the Ruputna route next. My 30 Ruputna has 700M/560F and 1000M Ai as her good attacks, her Defenses are awful (I think her best is 250M/450F....*shiver*) and aside from a Level 2 Vanish, she's lacking a decent Support move. But I seem to recall you guys saying Narukana's route moves were kind of mandatory.
Ruputna will always be a little behind on the Vanish-skills than Satsuki or Talia, I found Icicle Arrow II to be just good enough for her though. As part of the route, Ruputna gains a 4-mana attack (Blue Rampage, mat/force), a 2-mana M/F defence (Unbreakable Blue, 800/500 in Normal, defender only), and a 4-mana support skill (F800 damage, lower Blue elemental); her skills aren't that great - the attack is quite useless, but the defence and support are quite handy. She still makes a horrible AR for the lack of mana. Also, I picked her route on first playthrough, so her route skills are lvl1 not lvl2 for me, so they are more or less useless in Hard Mode.

BTW do watch some of the "weak" defence skills - they may have special effects like raising mana or blue elemental. I never found much use for those myself, but I guess they could be good if you make her AR.

I can only suggest that you do her route because it's hilarious ^_____^ She is also one of the cutest girls in the game... I like to use her in team with Subaru (mana link!) and Nozomi for defender.

Originally Posted by Erhjegel View Post
Ruptna's lack of % damage skills is what effectively kills her in the higher difficulties, same with Satsuki. But unlike Ruptna, she has her Aura Photon Break to offset that so she's not as useless.

Anyways, Ruptna's route-only defense skill is pretty useful, but compared to Satsuki, I'd take Satsuki-senpai anyday. Plus, Ruptna's final attack, Rampage Bull, is rather bleh. Her route-only support is Tidal Wave which is a pretty good attack support spell, but it's Material-heavy in damage which limit its usefulness.
Agreed on the % damage skills... But then again, Nozomu doesn't have any either... It's just a question of how big the number in the attack skill is =)

Tha Tidal Wave deals Force damage only IIRC >____< Well, at least the first level does.
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