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Originally Posted by monstert View Post
Why would anyone need to install IE just to download another browser? Just install the other browser right away. The bigger hassle here is for those who will use IE and expect it to already be up and running when they start Windows 7. The article you linked to contradicts your claim of higher price:

"As a result, for now Microsoft is not offering an "upgrade" version of Windows 7 "E" but is instead selling the full boxed version (which does not require a prior Windows installation) at the upgrade price."
Actually that is only for a limited time since (at least in the UK) it'll be full price by the end of the year which will be 150 for home premium E and 250 for professional E

Also I won't be switching since (probably) apart from my soundcard everything else won't have windows 7 drivers (which stinks since my motherboard isn't even two years old)
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