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Originally Posted by HayashiTakara View Post
80 dollars?! *gasp*... I hope that's not the price when it gets localized...
No of course not. It'll be either $59.99 or 69.99. Probably the latter since it's a localization.

Tales of Destiny II - 517k
Tales of Rebirth - 385k
Abyss - 378k
Destiny R - 265k
Vesperia PS3 - 225k
Symphonia - 179k
Vesperia - 175k
You know this doesn't surprise me seeing as how Destiny is easily the most generic of the franchises and this is the market that holds Dragon Quest as the king of all RPG franchises. Granted Destiny II has the equivalent of mount everest over plain old Destiny, but it's still pretty weaksauce.

Originally Posted by OceanBlue View Post
Some of us liked the cheese.... I agree with you on the rest though.
One of my favourite lol scenes in TOS is still the whole "Here it's Hot it's really Iced Coffee......I LIED IT'S ACTUALLY HOT!!!!!" thing where Lloyd is trying to see how messed up Collette's senses have become, partially because Lloyd sounds so much like a surfer dude trying to sound intense. I inserted my own dramatic "DUH DUH" organ noise into the scene when he found out the truth. It's just such an awesomely over dramatic and roundabout way of going about it, but it is reasonably creative just the same.

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