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Originally Posted by Duo Maxwell View Post
Let's make it short, when an ordinary people can't tell the differences between 9 games of the franchise, one should have questioned that is the game really original, or just plain generic.
That's a poor generalization. "Ordinary people" won't be able to tell ANY JRPGs apart, regardless of whether they're FF or DQ or Tales. And any non-FF fan won't be able to tell which FF is which seeing as how they all have the same androgynous characters, or non-Tales fan won't be able to tell the games apart because they are all generic anime cliched stuff.

Fact is, if you're not a fan of a series, they are all going to look the same to you. DQ has its own fair share of innovations over the years, so while its not trying to constantly reinvent itself like FF is, it always features a distinctive style and charm that is unique amongst Japanese pop culture and should certainly not be considered "generic".
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