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Originally Posted by Benoit View Post
  • Final Fantasy's story almost always involves protecting crystals, along with a crazy but poor story told since FFVII through tons of cut-scenes.
  • The same battle system in the entire series. Sure, there were small improvements, but the base mechanic is the same old turn-based combat.
  • Full of JRPG cliches.
  • Big dungeons that don't make sense, all the time.
Final Fantasy is everything that's wrong with JRPGs today. Dragon Quest is original because of its stories.
  • Dragon Quest IV is divided in chapters that tell each character's story, with their own motivations, battle theme, and sometimes even gameplay. At the end they join. During the game the dungeons make sense. Example: castles aren't the non-sensical mazes. There are guards on every corner, and a treasure room where the loot is.
  • Dragon Quest V starts you as a kid who follows his father. The kid grows up, marries with the woman of your choice, and has children who go on an adventure with their father when they grow up.

I think it's more likely that they're stupid or forgetful, considering the fact that there are clear differences.
Oh my, I take a look to see if there's something new about ToG but instead there's a ranting FF-hater.

- Same battlesystem. Okay, and then what? Should each FF had a completely different system or something? If it works, it's fine.
- Full of JRPG clichés. Sure, because all the other JRPGs DONT have that, of course.
- Originality doesnt immediately make something good. Sure, FF might have mostly been mostly about taking over the world and light/darkness but they made it enjoyable.
- Also, if FF is everything that's wrong with JRPG's, then it's a bit odd how popular it still is today and made it up to part 14. Surely they must be doing SOMETHING right. (:

And that's about it.
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