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Originally Posted by SeagullCrazy View Post
Sort of a side comment, but

Spoiler for Love:
I know, I should be doing homework, but I can't stay away

So what you're saying is that, as time goes by (EP1 to EP2 etc.), the amount of love increases. As love increases, the resistance of the family members to suspect others of being the culprit also increases (since ideally they all love each other and it MUST be some person X, not beloved brother Y). As their resistance to suspect each other increases, their susceptibility to accept magic as a "way out" increases, so magic scenes and such continue to appear in greater frequency.

Think about it!
EP2 introduced the Stakes and Lambda, as well as meta-fighting.
EP3 introduced Virgilia, Ronove, Eva-Beatrice, Siesta Sisters, Ange-Beatrice, etc., as well as more witch in-fighting
EP4 introduced the whole world of 1998, Gaap, Goldsmith, etc, and a TON of new magic scenes!
EP5 introduced a whole new element into the equation, Erika, as well as Dlanor and Co. and the new magic rules of the Decalogue. The whole magic trial is the epitome of a giant magic scene (or meta).
EP6 don't get me started on the love trial and how blown out of proportions things get.

How to explain this trend?
1. "magic resistance" of the island going down as Beatrice explained?
2. Ryukishi adding new and more twists each time for the sake of the story?
3. Or some Factor X, such as the growth of love or some other mechanism across stories? Is this love growing by itself, or is it being written through increased author awareness of the characters like someone else mentioned?

So many questions!!
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