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The difference is though that Battler-Prime and Rokkenjima-Prime... the Ushiromiya-Prime family... and what the REAL events were on that day are not relevant. That stuff is probably lost forever in the two-author's world. Although Mystery Author asks us to find out the truth, I believe that is some kind of deeper understanding of the background situation of the family rather than 'what really happened.'

This doesn't mean that, "Ohhh it's all fake! Let's give up!" There still exists the possibility of discovering the truth through what's presented, even if it's fiction.
Here's the scary consequence of that though... is Ange's 1998 the only real future? Whatever happened on Rokkenjima-Prime (as you put it, cute nickname for it too), Ushiromiya Ange is alive afterward. She has to be, she wasn't there right? If some mystery author down the line in 1998 or later wanted to write about the aftermath, there's a problem though: Ushiromiya Ange-Prime already exists in the real world and didn't disappear into some closed environment (as far as we know). If I write a story about Abe Lincoln where he doesn't ever become President, people will point that out right away. Of course, I can then say "It's a fictional what-if story," but that's a bit different than taking a cat box and writing a story that pretends to reveal "what happened."

What I mean is, Ange-Prime exists and there is some world for her in which she exists. Other Rokkenjima stories notwithstanding, there's always going to be an aftermath with Ange surviving (but most people probably don't write about it). But if somebody did write about Ange-Prime, are they writing a factual account of her life or is she too being fictionalized? If the latter... well, what's the real Ange-Prime doing?

But... the message bottles suggest Eva dies. And indeed, everywhere but ep3, she does die. But she's alive in Ange-3's world. If Ange-3 is Ange-Prime, then Eva survived in Rokkenjima-Prime. If Ange-3 isn't Ange-Prime, what in the world is 1998-3 supposed to be? Did the author actually write out a fictional history of Ushiromiya Ange's life if Eva had survived Rokkenjima? Why in the world would she do that? Are the Witch Hunters that interested in what some little girl does as she grows up? Does she even grow up in a world where Eva doesn't survive?

What I guess I'm saying is, if you believe it's possible all the stories are fake, it's entirely possible all the people on Rokkenjima lived to 1998-Prime. But you can't prove that, and indeed it seems probable everyone thinks they died. But Ange must exist, or have existed, in the "real" universe. However, only one Ange has ever been written about that we know of. Is she (Ange-3) the real Ange? Is her world (1998-3) the real world?
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