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Originally Posted by Evil Rick View Post
Sorry, I got lost, since when did I started comparing MK9 to DoA? Oh wait, I almost forgot, you hate MK, that's why you must compare it to everything so you can prov it is a bad game, my bad.
In the first line of your second post in this thread. Here I'll paste it. A lot diferent when adding new gameplay, new mechanics and new features.

And what I think of MK9 has no bearing on me pointing out the irony in you fanboying a game for doing the same thing as a game you're criticizing. Quit with the straw-man arguments.

I'll be leaving now, I don't want to insult the Fighting games master with my inferior precense.
No you're leaving because I've proven you wrong and you have no rebuttal.

You said that MK9 is different to this because it did new things, even though you pointing out something new in this. You're wrong and you yourself provided the evidence.

You said it was a slight upgrade from the previous games and than backtrack to saying it's at a minimum level for any game. That has nothing to do with your original statement. You're clearly wrong here and tried to shift the goalposts.

You than proceed to call this a hardcore game with 10 button presses when in fact it's a very casual game and the game you idolize is also dial a combo. Pot, kettle.
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