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Originally Posted by Westlo View Post
Yes, they've gone for a more realistic look as opposed to the dolllike look from previous games, also you can see sweat trickling down the necks and arms of Ryu and Hayate in that trailer, which is probably why the poster for this game has Kasumi with sweat down her face.

Character models are much more detailed than before, environments have also received a significant upgrade and seem to feature in the gameplay quite a bit.
speaking of environment Iam really glad they did that kind of realism on the environment rather than just falling through floors and platforms you can grab hold and edge up. This is really a great take on DOA5 the biggest innovation yet imho.

Now Iam awaiting the girls. Makes me wonder if this story is a reboot of the series since the girls need to be young 16-20+ years are the ages.
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