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I think, given this ended up being an arc about people who control words and kanji, that it was a pretty reasonable end. Medaka was absolutely right, she had to defeat her enemy in such a way that the enemy surrendered because of pure stunned amazement that Medaka was controlling everything. It establishes, after her defeat in the elections, that Medaka is still head and shoulders above most other human beings in intelligence and planning. And it didn't end in a giant punch-out by design, as her father noted.

And, of course, it shows she still has a ways to go. Lampshaded as always. "Time to comfort your depressed fiancee, Medaka." "No thanks! A hahahahaha!" I loved that.

I was rather annoyed that Shiranui got nothing to do all arc, but then she is a personal favorite. Glad to see Nienami tagging along as well.

In any case, I now return you to "this manga has been awful for the last 60 chapters, join me next week when I read it avidly and declare it awful again" folks.
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