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truthfully an anime i like is (the world god only knows) and its so funny but my sis and a lot of my friends hate it-
im still watching it but its about a guy who made a deal with the devil and now he kind of has to be a playboy because he has to round up lost souls and the only way to do that is to make the person fall in love with him and that's a problem
How come someone hate The World God Only Knows! But, well, everyone has different taste I think.

Actually, compared to most harem show, I must say that TWGOK is brilliant. It's very self-aware of many tropes introduced in Harem show. The MC is not a dumb and dense character. And, he's quite serious with each of his target. And, I must say that Keima Katsuragi (the MC) is not a playboy... He not focus on multiple girl at the same time. Instead, he pursue one girl at a time.

Originally Posted by relentlessflame View Post
Hey, if you want an example of "anime you love but 'everyone else hates'", here's a good one for me. Personally, I loved Endless Eight; I found it totally fascinating from a meta perspective, and a very interesting way of conveying the inherent frustration that was intended as the point of the arc. Watching how the different episode directors/storyboard artists retold the same story was fascinating to me. And of course watching the frustration play out in the fanbase was also quite an experience. Maybe these aren't all the normal reasons to like something, but I was entertained. I will watch it again at some point; one of the most interesting (and controversial) modern art experiments of the last decade, in my view.
I'm quite happy to see Endless Eight mentioned here. Adding to what relentlessflame said, I must say that the torture while watching for almost 2 months of the same story in Endless Eight is a great experience. We get the same experience of a certain character in the story that make us feel sorry of her. And, after that, watch The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. The torture will be paid here. It's like having a meal after a few days without foods.
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