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Originally Posted by GDiddy View Post
That's what I meant. But you should check out the Tv tropes's addictive
The only thing I'd say, and not to derail into a side-topic too much, is that being "addicted" to that sort of site really draws your attention to the old saying "there's nothing new under the sun". I've seen some people almost lose their ability to love anime because they become more focused on how many tropes something employed (and thus "how original it is") than whether it's entertaining/fun/enjoyable, even though the site clearly states that tropes are, themselves, neither good nor bad. (This isn't directed at you by any means; just a general observation.)

I'm a firm believer in applying your brain to everything you watch, but sometimes if you combine that with the collect database powers of the Internet, I just think it can backfire for some people. On the other hand, some others find anime more fun as a result of recognizing all the patterns. I guess all I'll say is just don't become "that guy/gal" (that person) who can't participate in any anime conversation without constantly hot-linking tropes everywhere, because that's just annoying IMO...

Anyway, a thought in the spirit of of being able to find anime you love even though everyone else hates it, I guess.
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