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Originally Posted by GenjiChan View Post
Third season. Sorry I didn't specify it... Season 1 and 2 are good.
The style in Eyes Off You is rather poor. Considering we're kind of lucky to have seen a third season at all, I got over it pretty quickly. Hinagiku is all that matters.

It's not as bad as Gunslinger Girl il Teatrino though. Fine. You changed studios. Fine, you can't exactly copy Madhouse and stay consistent with them. BY THE GODS MAN, AT LEAST TRY! I had to do some quadruple takes and a huge rant about how mad I was within two minutes of starting the first episode. I actually had to physically work myself up and prepare for what I was getting myself into. I like Gunslinger Girl, but that massive of a change was really hard to put up with. SUCH A BAD STYLE FOR A VERY DARK ACTION SHOW!
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