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That's one of those things that we are just going to have to suspend disbelief on. If you melt the arctic and antarctic ice sheets completely, you'd get an about 68 meters higher water level - obviously not nearly enough to cover all land masses. It wouldn't even be enough to reach the valleys of most mountain regions. Even if all groundwater would spontaneously rise to the surface for unexplained gravity-defying reasons, that would add another 20 meters or so. And any comets carrying enough water (let's forget that it's mostly deuterium and not protium for the moment - the "water comes from comets" theory is mostly discredited these days) to cover the surface would probably completely devastate the earth.
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Thing is these fleets never leave the Sea Galaxy comfort zones. As they provide power.
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If there's no dry land, there's no dry land, let it be handwaved rather than nitpicked.

It's potentially more interesting if there is dry land and the fleet has to learn to break its reliance/blind trust on the Sea Galaxy in order to get there/make use of it. Could be a job for Ledo and Chamber...
First, I'm glad someone finally brought up the issue that if you melted the ice caps you'd still have land! It was a major goof up in Waterworld as well (a bigger one, in a way, seeing that movie had nothing like potential alien invasions/space catastrophes that might be used as a way to explain it ). I'm also not to sure the weather would work the way they're showing it if there wasn't any land left but I could be over thinking it here . Anyway, I think ReddyRedWolf has hit on something I also have been thinking about, which is they are stuck following the Sea Galaxy because it provides a steady power source. They need to get away from it to check things out and it could be that they have tried to do that. That could be the explanation of where Amy's parents & Ridgets father have disappeared to. Toss in that the thing that Chamber needs to really do is to get out of the atmosphere and check his star positions if he really want to figure out where he's at, and this show either has some interesting place it's going or some of us are out thinking the writers. Either way, I'm not going to stop watching because I've learned that sometimes things like this are clues to a plot and not just writing issues (Waterworld was still a mess, but that's neither here nor there ).
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