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hiatus almost permanent
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Hmm, remember the last time I said I was going to start studying... well, for now I'm really going to start. This means, after today (9/9) I don't think I'd be coming to this forum for about 2 months. Even if I do, I'd be logged out.

So, tada~. Hopefully I will have enough willpower to not come back, though I really wish to. It's both kind of dilemmatic and odd of me. Yeah, especially if I know you well, or talk to you often, I will say this again, that I would really miss all of you.

Thus, it's cold turkey for me; quite a test for my willpower. I know this thread hasn't been much of a repertoire for me as of now, and I don't really like whatever I've done either, except for maybe some of the fiction pieces I've written, which nobody actually commented on without me requesting them to. But hey, at least I managed to see my thread get 1337 hits zomg!

If you wish to contact me, there's always email. I will be checking it yeah. I will try not to log on to msn, and if I do, I'd most probably be appearing offline. But I can receive offline messages, you know.


Lastly, I would like to raise a question about the rep system...
Originally Posted by reputation faq
Right now itís possible to hand out 10 reputations every 24 hours.
Uhh, I've not been able to give out more than 5 reps per day, so I would like someone to verify this and inform a moderator or something. If I was mistaken, then apologies. D:

No, I'm not the kind who spams rep, in case you were wondering.


Thus, with that as a final note, hopefully I will see everybody in 2 months time. =)
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