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Have you ever heard a song which 's so good that it capture your emotion even when you do not understand the lyrics. Then everytime you hear it again, your brain made up some sort of "lyrics" (it's not necessary to be in words, but sometime it draws the image in your brain). This lyrics combining of thought, feelings and emotions end up so good that you can't bother to looking for the real one?
Sadly, no. Song in a language I don't understand that I will listen to on repeat: yes. (...So far I can only remember one.) Making up my own lyric for it: no.

Creating image for songs though, sure, on music that doesn't originally have a lyric to it. The image I create for a song is usually build around the lyrics if it's a vocal.

OK back to a certain 強気の王子様 song. 90k views, I sense another matsuri.
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