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Originally Posted by lonewolf777 View Post

We know that him and Shanks used to be rivals. It would appear that somewhere along the line, Mihawk surpassed him and became world renowned. The thing that holds me up over that, however, is the fact that Mihawk is a Shichibukai. If he's as powerful as/more powerful than a Yonkou, why stay a Shichibukai. Why not rival the rest of the Yonkou, and to hell with the WG? A couple of things lend to this, imo, and you're free to disagree, but, first: when he came to Shanks to bring him news of Luffy's coming, Shanks said 'you come to challenge me?' If Mihawk was better, wouldn't the one expected to put the challenge forth be Shanks? Also, the way I read Mihawk's statement in the last chapter about Whitebeard indicated to me that there's quite a ways between them.
You can't compare abilites to characteristics. Mihawk doesn't really seem to care about much in my opinion from the way he's been portrayed. Just because he chooses to be a Shichibukai doesn't mean that he isn't powerful enough to be on his own. Truth is we know very little about him, but we do know that he puts more effort into being a Swordsman that anything else. Mihawk and Shanks were rivals, but that ended after Shanks lost his arm. That seems to indicate that Mihawk has some form of chivalry and honor.

As for his attack being deflected, big deal...
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