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Originally Posted by Nogitsune View Post
This is why I think religion can be dangerous.
However, just because a fanatic tells me killing women who commit adultery is all right, I don't have to respect their opinion. And actually, I don't think Germany, for example, is ruled by religion anymore. If anything, it's some Christian values that remain.
No not ruled by it anymore, I live in the neighboring country and actually 10 minutes from the German border
What I meant by it is that even though there is not a bible swinging Christian at the top as soon as there are things said that is about religion and it being bad, specially if it is a high ranked person saying this he will raged by the population that believes that Christ is the savior
The influence of Rome is still pretty large at scale here in Europe, remember that
If the pope in Italy says that the people there are not allowed to eat meat then they will do it
If a random person yells at the people to do this then they will proclaim him a fool cause it has always been this way since the old days
If that person then yells they should stop eating meat because we are all equal and the bible is wrong he will get stones thrown at his head

Religion is not always in sight but it is everywhere and it influences every little decision a government or person can make
It isn't just the bible and God and all that stuff it is what you believe and your own morals

The thing is people have always been eating meat and it has always been part of civilization, it is part of who we as a people are
The only thing that has changed is the way the animals have been killed, instead of spear and rock we now use factory methods (but also some good methods that make sure the animal hasn't been cramped in a space all its life)
It is hard to get rid of a pre-programmed lifestyle that has been around for millions of years, specially in regions where eating meat is a daily and cultural activity. Cooking meals is a family thing in Italy, it is tradition to have meat added and tradition to make meat as well. Meat is part of religion is some cultures like the sacrificing of a lamb and eating its meat

However among current people religion and tradition have been thrown out of the window and people do what they want and forget about culture and history
We respect that as a new generation, but don't expect the older ones who have never dealt with anyone refusing what they believe as tradition to accept and respect that
As a new generation we care little of what you eat and don't eat, however start swinging that vegan burger as a bible and a vast majority will stand strong for cultural beliefs and tradition

I don't see eating meat as a bad thing, as long as you respect the animal
But I don't think you can judge a person eating meat because to be honest you are the newb in a vast world of tradition and religion, some people don't know how to deal with a newb but if he starts spamming we all know what the admin will do

I don't mean anything bad with this post though, it is merely random ranting
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