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I see your point, however, I never said I expected anything - just that I believe that regardless of tradition and religion, some things are right and others are not.

Originally Posted by -KarumA- View Post
I don't see eating meat as a bad thing, as long as you respect the animal
Well, I could say the same about ending the life of a human being. I don't think they would care if I respected them if I killed them either way, though.

But I don't think you can judge a person eating meat because to be honest you are the newb in a vast world of tradition and religion, some people don't know how to deal with a newb but if he starts spamming we all know what the admin will do
There's a difference between having to fear consequences and having no right to judge someone.
Slavery and racial discrimination have a very long "tradition". Does that mean I can't frown upon those who insist to keep them around?
I don't think so.

I don't mean anything bad with this post though, it is merely random ranting
Ah, never took it personally. xD
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