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If you think eating meat is 'morally' wrong you might want to examine the root of said morality in the first place. If you consider how venerated the animals hunter-gatherers killed for food were (example the bison by many Native American tribes) you would have trouble thinking of it as murder, or at least I do anyways.

Personally, I follow a paleolithic-inspired dietary regime for health reasons, so I eat some form of dead animal with every meal. I love the taste and my favorite meat is probably American Bison, but Crocodile was very good as well (only had it once). I also eat a lot of seafood (depends on how you define 'meat' to include that) which is oftentimes the healthiest food nature has to offer (look up the nutritional content in a can of sardines, now that's a bargain for the price). I also try to buy grass-fed/free-range/local/organic meats as often as possible, people aren't exagerrating when they say it tastes better; it really does (and the nutritional content also changes, for example grass-fed beef has far higher omega-3 fatty acid content than grain-fed, as well as higher protein).

And since I also love cooking my own meals, the meat I eat is always fresh and in better condition than pre-made meat items you might buy.
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