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Originally Posted by Nogitsune View Post
There's a difference between having to fear consequences and having no right to judge someone.
Slavery and racial discrimination have a very long "tradition". Does that mean I can't frown upon those who insist to keep them around?
I don't think so.
Of course you can frown, that is the beauty of today's modern world, you can have an opinion and not be hanged for it
Slavery and discrimination is another factor influenced by religion, because white over rules black in some patterns (I don't agree let me make that clear, do NOT call em a racist I am merely pointing out things from another person's view back in those days)
However back then when you'd raise your eyebrow you'd be killed or judged for being one of them
this is why you cannot compare that situation to being a vegetarian or not, you do not get killed for being a vegetarian in this modern world because the generation that lives now has learned to accept each other and accept each others beliefs
Remember that it took several wars before people realized as a majority that slavery was bad and it costs millions of lives before they said that it was forbid
same goes with racism

Modern age is not comparable with history, however the generation of that time is still living and right now we are at a border crossing point, the old generation is slowly passing away and makes room for the generation that is now in which people are more curious or rather much do not care what another person does
There will always be judgmental people, that is for everything you can think of, you get judged every day not just for being a vegetarian or a meat eater it is when you look beyond these parts and understand why a person does something that you might learn to live with them and not think of them as being bad

The difference between then and now is that you do not get killed that quickly for being something (well in some countries you do ofc we all know that but again religious factor, ding ding XD)
And only if vegetarians starts a civil war would eating meat be completely forbidden but I don't see that happening any time soon

Originally Posted by Kusa-San View Post
Not true at all. Atheist don't care about religion.
You didn't read the other line, religion isn't only about believing in a God or heaven/hell
you can believe and throw that damn bible out the window and think that the afterlife will be nothing
It is about morals and values, for example if yuo think black is equal to white that is what you believe
In your own belief all of men is equal
that is what I call religion, not what a book says but how you life your daily life and how you view others and yourself
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