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Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
I personally don't mind having just the two Rifle Bits. Hell, I don't even pose any of my Gundams with remote weapons deployed, since I not only lack the means to pose them outside of storage but they tend to be easily lost. It's not like I play with my models a lot too, so having just two rifles for posting with the Zabanya doesn't bother me at all
It does for me though, I like seeing Bits floating around in a pose. The true replication of the Bits pose in the anime will not be given, but with my own improvisation I can make it work. But I need the actual Bits and I dont have the money to shelve 5 HG Zabanyas (TAs will be in a different color and a rerelease for some variant or whatever will not only be far away).

I wish they'd give us 4 though..................even Cherudim gave us 3 weapons. I personally never minded if they've made it like a Cherudim GNHW/R set, with all the Bits and all. Oh well, such is life of a gunpla modeler.
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