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I know this may sound odd, but work with me. In Jojo's Bizarre Adventures, is it possible that Star Platinum is advanced armor haki and Purple Hermit is advanced observation haki?

Funny you should mention this, because in recent years Araki kind of retconned Hamon (or ripple, whichever you prefer) by implying that it might have been a sort of Stand power. If you put that into consideration, then yeah, you could say that those two Stands may represent those forms of Haki. Still, you have to wonder which type of Haki would fit any of the more obtuse Stand powers like Crazy Diamond, Pearl Jam, Gold Experience (not Requiem), Superfly, Cheap Trick, D4C, and.... hell, just about every Stand from Stone Ocean?

Anyway, there's something I've been rather curious about..... since Haki has officially been established to literally be "will" power, I wonder if this means that we'll see an "empty" type of Haki appear at some point? To be more specific, I'm talking about a type of Haki that carries no "feeling" behind it, which would make it harder to fight against, due to a lack of "presence". To use an example from a different manga, I'll reference Lone Wolf and Cub, where the titular lone wolf Ogami Itto can kill his opponents while erasing his Sakki (bloodlust). I just think it would be interesting if Oda introduces some villains at some point who can make themselves completely devoid of emotion when they fight, which would make them a completely unpredictable match for the Straw-Hats.....
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