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Originally Posted by sa547 View Post
Task Manager usually allows you to shut down completely an errant browser that's still in memory, by looking for it in the Processes tab. Also, why not upgrade to 8gb?
Company computer not mine.
I know i can close them, sometime I don't have choice.
When I was first running firefox/chrome/opera + photoshop + eclipse + thunderbird + many other program needed for my job, 4gb was too little... Now I use less resource heavy program. Replaced eclipse with sublimetext2, photoshop doesn't stay opened for long. I can go a day before I need to force close any program to free memory.

Program that run for too long seem to have difficulty freeing memory. Don't know if it's windows or the program.

Non standard code, possible, I need to do within time constrain (don't like that part of my job, to little time to improve current code), but my html base is good, css and design ain't my thing.
But I can say, I mostly develop with firefox, opera and latter test with chrome in mind, while other college only use chrome (don't even have a up-to-date firefox).
Most of the fix I need to do are for chrome or ie8 (and mobile, but that's another thing).

Chrome tools are good when debugging network or javascript, but I find the styles section to be awful when compared to firebug. Chrome might offer more than what I know of.
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