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Originally Posted by spikexp View Post
but I find the styles section to be awful when compared to firebug. Chrome might offer more than what I know of.
Just curious, what exactly?

To the best of my knowledge in chrome,
  • you can set source maps if you need em
  • you can edit properties; if touchy feely styling is your thing (autocomplete enabled)
  • you can enable disable rules (you'll also get the standard crossed text if it's overwritten)
  • you can expand rules, so a shorthand font rule can be expanded into a long version if you like it like that
  • you can save from browser to your hdd if you run locally
  • you can disable browser properties (ie. user agent style, or gray blocks)
  • you can view and edit metrics visually
  • you can force all colors to show as hex (or your preferred color representation)
  • you can pin the window to the bottom or right or pop it out entirely
  • you can emulate CSS media types
  • you can emulate any screen size (so you don't have to be silly and shrink your window you just tell it to display at that size)
  • you can search source; so if you know you want elements with the class menu-item you can search ".menu-item" obviously you can search for id's too, or just about any other text so "#something.other" if you are specific with it, it'll be strict and will find only those specific elements, otherwise if you just do "something" it's loose and will find "something-or-other" too.
  • you can remove html
  • you can add in or edit on the fly
  • you can force an element into a specific state, so say you want to style :hove, you can just force an element to stay in hover, you don't have to hover over it non-stop
  • you can view the shadow dom

Program that run for too long seem to have difficulty freeing memory. Don't know if it's windows or the program.
Memory that's shown isn't necessarily memory that's used, and yes unix based operating systems tend to manage memory differently along with many other things. Typically this is why people claim you will never get BSOD-equivalent on unix, but from my experience (as with chrome) while it works sometimes when you do crash hard to just crash everything.
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