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I don't get it, this anime is sending so many mixed signal....

I will admit that it bugged me a lots seeing how after previous episode, Oreimo (anime) was treated by many as God, even when i found it's nonsense and illogical in many degrees. But then after watching this episode and thinking that "maybe the characters and storyline are not so bad after all", it surprised me how the majority of us speak like this is an absolute failure...

Similar to Kyousuke and Kirino relationship. Last episode it bugged me out how no one mentioned that their relationship suddenly became unnecessarily close (Kirino behave like a brat while Kyousuke failed to knock some sense onto her). And then after this episode, i thought Kyousuke finally treated his sister in the right ( or not so over-dramatic) way. But then the majority of us complain about how he should let Kirino doomed with the anime adaptation

Weird , isn't it?

Btw, can someone send me a message summarising about what was cut out during the adaptation of this episode?

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