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I'd say Kuroneko is on par with Keima Katsuragi for best anime heroine/hero this season.

Originally Posted by HayashiTakara View Post
False because her popularity with the novel is completely separate, she's an "unknown" author. The novels success is completely irrelevant to her modeling. Rewatch the episode when it was mentioned that people are wondering who this unknown middle school author is.
That might have been what was said. But that indicates that the middle school author was unknown because the novel wasn't marketed as having been authored by a certain successful teen model. It should have been part of the book's marketing strategy with the idea of capitalizing upon every bit of momentum it can gain, and there's every reason to believe that the author of a book having such a background can better propel the title towards success. So it's the writers' lapse in judgement that such a comment about Kirino was made.
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