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Originally Posted by Soconfused View Post
Also, what are the parents doing through all this? One day Kirino is gonna get some fat check in the mail and the dads gonna be like "wtf is this?". I find it hard to believe she can write a novel/get it turned into a t.v. show at the age of 14 or whatever without her parents knowing anything about it. Hell, is that even legal? You would think the studio would have to get consent from the parents or something, and I doubt her dad would be cool with this.
It would be most disturbing if you needed your parent's permit to have your novel turned into an anime, or even to write and have it published in the first place

Originally Posted by Hypernova View Post
The parents should have been sitting at the negotiating table at all times.
Absolutely not!
Her parents had *no* part whatsoever in the writing of the novel, so they have *no* right whatsoever to sit at the negotiating table!

Originally Posted by Hypernova View Post
If Kyosuke asked Dad he certainly would have helped.
Most certainly not. Kyousuke's father regards him as a completely hopeless failure. Remember episode 3, where he calls him "You worthless son!". He just did the research on the article that one time because he hoped to prove how right the article is, and how "worthless" and even dangerous anime as a hobby is. To his dismay, the article turned out as being porrly written and researched, meaning a loss of face for him because had fully subscribe to the article's opinion about how worthless and dangerous anime is.

Thus, his father is the last one he can expect help from. First, he's not inclined to help Kyousuke because he regards him as worthless. Second, if the father helped him, he might incur another loss of face, which he certainly would want to avoid. Third, the father still regards anime as "worthless", so helping that Kirino's novel gets turned into an anime would be the very last thing he would want to do.
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