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Originally Posted by Himeji View Post
It would be most disturbing if you needed your parent's permit to have your novel turned into an anime, or even to write and have it published in the first place

Absolutely not!
Her parents had *no* part whatsoever in the writing of the novel, so they have *no* right whatsoever to sit at the negotiating table!

Why are Soconfused and Hypernova's statements disturbing and shocking you so much?

There's all sorts of laws and regulations that treat adults differently from 14 year olds. There's all sorts of things that 14 year olds are not legally allowed to do that adults are. These can vary from country to country (and even between different provinces or states within the same country), of course, but it's hardly rare or uncommon for the law to treat 14 year olds differently from adults.

Personally, I don't see a problem with a 14 year old having her novel published, and having it adapted into an anime, with out parental involvement (although, in such cases, I would like for the 14 year old to have some sort of adult legal counsel provided to her). However, it's hardly shocking for a person to think otherwise.

I also disagree with you that Kirino's parents should actually be barred from sitting in on negotiations pertaining to her business ventures. As her parents and legal guardians they absolutely should have a right to sit in on major business ventures pertaining to their adolescent daughter. I don't think that they have to be there, but they certainly should have the choice to be there if they want to be.

Edit: Upon reading over all of Hypernova's post (the one that Himeji quoted), I may be mistaken. Legally, Kirino's parents may have had to be there. I don't know what the age of consent is in Japan for signing legally binding contracts, but if it's over 14, then yes, Kirino's parents had to be there.

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