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Originally Posted by thirdlc View Post
Oh, really? I think it's Shinbo, Takeuchi and Watanabe's fault, who didn't make any progress in meetings for a long long time.

And when the situation reached a critical limit in terms of scheduling, Oishi joined them and broke the stalemate, didn't he? Oishi should be more praised. Bakemonogatari is one of his representative works. I hope Oishi will get more power than Shinbo in Nise like in Bake. Then, we'll be seeing yet another masterpiece.
That's certainly true. But I thought overall responsibility for doing too much work for the same time has much more to do with company representative. Also in some of the interviews, I thought Shinbo is almost talking like there is nothing he can do about trainwreck schedule. I don't think they have much control over things going on. Just remember how Madoka Magica script was already prepared like 2 or 3 years ago. Source

Edited: Ah. If you mean bakemonogatari schedule, they were definitely responsible, too.

Since I know some blogs of Korean animation studios where get a lot of outsourcing from Japan, I know how horrible Shaft's condition was during Madoka airing. One of the guy who did 10th episode action sequence said that there was tons of rumour going around that the next episode will be return of Nadekho episode. Thus, we can almost say that earthquake helped shaft.

Anyway, of course. Oishi's my favourite director ever. He is too good. Soooooo good.
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