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Originally Posted by cedec0 View Post
The point of the picture is that Shizu is the closest thing Achiga-hen has to a main character, and main characters tend to always be (or become) overpowered monsters (Saki herself is an example of this).

Other reasons to believe that Shizuno will turn out to be a monster:

1) It seems obvious that Achiga is headed to the finals, which means the stronger Shizuno is, the more interesting it makes the final. So why the hell wouldn't they make her a monster? (Also, if she isn't a saki-level, then all those people complaining about Achiga not derserving to go to final will be right (I will be one of them. I only support Achiga on the assumption that Shizuno is a monster)).

2) To keep things interesting in the finals, Saki must face at least one opponent stronger than Kuromo. I don't consider Himeko, Awai, or Ryuuka to be stronger than Kuromo, so it can't be them. The only one with the potential (on side A) to become a monster that surpasses Kuromo is Shizuno.


On personal level, I find Saki to be arrogant and overpowered a lot of the time. I want someone to, if not defeat her, then at least put her through hell in the finals. Awai is not capable of doing this (look how much she is struggling in the semi-finals). Someone who can wipe the floor with Awai, however, might just be the right power level for some serious Saki crushing, which is what I am hoping for from Shizuno.


While I know that people's opinion won't be changed easily, I never knew it was this hard to convince someone that a player who just won 1 time is not a monster.


pop quiz :

1. Did Shizu won against Koromo?

a) Yes
b) No
c) No but she's awesome enough that Komoro feels the need to warn Saki
d) Ofc not!

2. What did Koromo warn Saki about Shizuno

a) She's a monster
b) She can cancel other people's power
c) She's way stronger then Koromo (despite the fact that she never won against Koromo)
d) Did she? Nah that's just her picking out topic to talk with Saki.

3. Is Saki arrogant?

a) Yes
b) No
c) Despite the fact that she never gloat, never gives out bad expression, never mock someone, Her being Shizuno's opponent in the final makes her arrogant by default
d) She's Shizuno's opponent, that makes her better then Shizuno in any way, so No.

4. Does eavein18 understand why people want Saki to suffer?

a) Yes (Shizuno have to beat her mwahahahaha!!!)
b) No (she has suffer enough already)
c) Yes (she cry even when she win, so she needs to be beaten)
d) Why did you make a quiz about your self stupid?

If you choose :

a) You're a die-hard-fans that thought all character despite Shizuno is bad/evil

b) You're neutral on stuff (or you're eavein18)

c) You're Shizuno's fan

d) You're Shizuno's hater


Fans will love, hater will hate

eavein18 accept that fans believe that Shizuno is a monster

but eavein18 didn't accept fans saying Saki is arrogant

to Shizuno's fans that say Saki is arrogant, eavein18 could only say "how blind can you be"
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