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While I know that people's opinion won't be changed easily, I never knew it was this hard to convince someone that a player who just won 1 time is not a monster.


pop quiz :

1. Did Shizu won against Koromo?
c) No but she's special enough that Komoro feels the need to warn Saki

2. What did Koromo warn Saki about Shizuno
E) She saw a spark in Shizumo (potential)

3. Is Saki arrogant?
E) Yes, but it isn't intentional. Her +/-0 play style is inheritely arrogant. When a far superior player toys with an opponent (manipulating their score) instead of defeating them outright, that is arrogant, and Saki has done this a lot (though not out of malice).

4. Does eavein18 understand why people want Saki to suffer?
E) ???

Personally, Saki has begun to give me the same feeling as Takumi from Initial D: horribly overpowered, never facing an opponent with any realistic chance at victory (i stopped reading Initial D because I got sick of Takumi always winning with ridiculous ease.) Saki has yet to play a serious match against an opponent that gave her any difficulty (the only reason she struggled against Koromo was she wasn't fighting at 100% (her shoes were on)). Her power level is far above Koromo who is herself a monster. I don't want to see Saki crush a clearly inferior opponent (Awai) because that is boring. If Saki is going to stay interesting we need another monster far stronger than Koromo who can at least fight a shoeless Saki without automatically being crushed.

That is what I was thinking when I wrote "I want someone to, if not defeat her, then at least put her through hell in the finals. " I don't hate Saki, but she needs to face a real opponent (a monster on her level) or the finals are going to be disapointingly boring.

If you choose :

a) You're a die-hard-fans that thought all character despite Shizuno is bad/evil

b) You're neutral on stuff (or you're eavein18)

c) You're Shizuno's fan

d) You're Shizuno's hater
E) I like Saki but she is so overpowered right now that is boring (she is the last boss and everyone else in the world is the underdog). I like Shizuno because she is the only one I see with the potential to become a monster capable of fighting Saki on equal grounds in the final.


eavein18, here are some questions for you:

Do you enjoy seeing Saki crush and toy with clearly weaker opponents?

Do you think Awai (who is clearly less impressive than Kuromo) stands any chance against Saki (who completely crushed Kuromo and is even stronger now thanks to training)?

Why does the possibility that Saki might FINALLY face an opponent on her level (Shizuno) bother you so much?

You do realize that if Shizuno isn't a monster, then Awai will be the strongest opponent from Side A and the finals will be another boring one-sided victory for Saki?
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