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Now Shiritodai not making it to the finals would be an amusing and admittedly interesting twist, it would completely invalidate the Saki episode 26 preview shots of Teru vs Yukki so ultimately Shiratodai not making it would make no sense.
That preview shot was from 2009, two years before Achiga-hen began serialization, so I am fairly confident that the preview will, in fact, be invalidated.

I say that because Shiritodai's team seems designed to play the role of "last boss" in the semi-finals in Achiga-hen:


Everyone VS Miyanaga Teru (winner)



Matsumi Yuu (winner) VS Shibuya Takami



Atarashi Ako & Eguchi Sera (winners) VS Shibuya Takami

Also, Takimi seems like an opponent designed for Ako:

Atarashi Ako's play style (scoring via quick hands with small point totals) backfires against her somewhat (makes it hard for Ako to resist winning and extending her dealership, thus increasing Takimi's power as a result.)



Everyone (winner) VS Matano Seiko



Everyone (winner?) VS Oohoshi Awai

Since Shiritodai played the role of last boss in Achiga-hen, they are unlikely to be in the finals (they can't be the "last boss" two times). This would also explain why Shiritodai has disapointed so many: the current Shiritodai was never designed to make in to the finals. They were a team designed to be defeated by Achiga. This is also why all the players except for Teru have been so disapointing: their credibily/threat level doesn't need to be maintained for the finals since they won't be there.
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