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This assumes Achiga is going 1 on 1 with Kiyosumi but sure what the heck.


Matsumi Kuro hoarding all the dora tiles is likely to hurt Kataoka Yuuki's fast-paced, high-scoring style.
Yuuki just switched her style to one who's more faster but gives cheaper wins. At this rate, Kuro will be the one in trouble against Yuuki if they fight you know...


Matsumi Yuu's playing style is so unique that Someya Mako is unlikely to have never seen anything like it. This means all her accumulated Mahjong experience will be useless against Yuu.
I don't know how this will end. But, the series has name-dropped several times that Mako's favorite yakuman is 'All Green.' And Mako has gotten some experience against weird play styles in the training camp. She did stomp Aislinn. Mako is too unappreciated.


Atarashi Ako's style of scoring via quick hands with small point totals makes her the worst possible opponent for Takei Hisa, who goes for bigger hands using "hell waits".
Ako vs. Sera ended with Sera winning so Hisa doing big hands isn't a handicap.

To someone like Haramura Nodoka who plays logically and expects her opponents to play logically, Sagimori Arata's weird bowling-type style is likely to cause problems. Nadoka will probably play into Arata's hand because she isn't expecting such illogical waits.
Err... probably. But, for good or bad Nodoka is very consistent and she really doesn't care about her opponent's ability.


Don't have all the details on this except that Koromo warns Saki that Shizuno is going to be a "troublesome opponent".
I don't know about all the idle speculation. But, from what I'm seeing Shizu still can't take Saki 1 on 1 and win.

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Maybe arrogant isn't the right word, but I still don't like how overpowered Saki toys with her weaker opponents, which is what she is doing everytime she uses her +/- 0 style. It is inherently insulting for her opponents, even if Saki doesn't mean it that way.
Toy? When?
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