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So the AMF kinda gradually dissolves the spell entering it? What's the basis under the inability of using magic inside wide-range AMF then - impossibility to gather necessary initial amount of energy? Can it be overcome by high-ranking mages? Also I'm waiting for more tricks with AMF - can't the flying drones disrupt flight magic at least (I was so hoping for that to happen )?
Anti Magi-link Field, or AMF in short, is explained to nullify magics by prevent and dissolve connection of magic power.
Thus, both casting magic inside the field and entering magic-shots are effectively nullified.

In StS comic, Nanoha actually says that it can disrupt the usage of flying magic or even a basic-protection magic, and overcoming AMF is of very advanced technique.
(btw; StS comic is out, yay me )

Known countermeasures are
- Use the after-effect of magic.
Although magic itself will be dissolved by AMF, any physical phenomenon that caused by magic will remain; thus it's possible to use it to attack an AMF opponent.
It must be noted that user must be out of AMF range to use initiating magic, so it's gonna be problematic when sorrounded.
Example: Accelerate a rock with magic. While magic will be nullified, rock will keep it's momentum and damages the target.
Nanoha and Fate used this method against Drones in their first encounter.

- Hack'n Slash by sheer power.
Plain and simple, whack em with your weapon until they become silent.
Known to be the choice for skilled Velka Knights, who're good at physical enchant magics.
However it's different story for less-skilled Knights who relies on weapon's magic enhancement, as demonstrated in Ep5 where Erio got pwned badly after his energy blade got nullified.
Signum, Vita and Subaru are most prominent example for using this method.
One upside of this method is that it doesn't require the user to be outside of AMF, thusly able to fight effectively even when they're sorrounded.

- Multi-layered magic bullet.
Demostrated by Teana, it penetrates AMF by encasing magic shot itself with outer casing which keeps AMF busy while shot flies toward target.
I suppose wider the AMF range is, it becomes more difficult for this method.
The problem of "user must be out of AMF" goes in this method, too.

- Nullifies AMF itself first.
AMF itself being a field magic, it can be nullified by field magic canceller.
Caro used this method in Ep5, and helped Erio finishing a Type-03 Drone off.
Problem is once again the user must be outside of AMF to cast canceling magic, so it's problematic when the user is sorrounded by Drones.
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