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Observations and questions:

1. Is Naruto obsessed with stabbing things with his kunai?

2. And they predicted that Gaara would be standing in that very spot how exactly? or does that giant metal demi-sphere move underground or something? and if so...

3. Wouldn't Gaara notice that some huge metal sphere is moving below ground (the ground was made of sand...)

4. There was alot of inconsistencies in his sand armor... he uses a chunk of it to kill the sand armor guy, but once he gets to the big boss, he has none... then, somehow, when he's transforming into shuukaku, he has it again?

5. Am i the only one that thought the sand genin moved like she was in "Alone in the Dark"s crappy gameplay mechanics when she went to pick up her weapon?

6. Where did those 3 green floating orbs come from?
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