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I'm so happy I'm about to cry. I'm already tearing up.

I was watching this as it progressed:
* US-Israel relations degrade over Israel's construction projects
* Chaotic environment sweeps Middle East, no hope in sight
* Israel unexpectedly halts constructions in East Jerusalem and West Bank
* Palestine says it will negotiate
* Arab League says they will negotiate
* Israel says it will also negotiate

It's now time for the US to come into the picture again and help these two sides make a finalized peace. Please, nobody mess this up. This conflict has gone on long enough, and now an end actually seems possible. It may only be a small, remote beam of hope, but hope in this region is hope nonetheless. I hope that peace can finally be achieved, and that the Israelis and Palestinians can then continue to live their lives with a stable, peaceful relationship with one another.
I'll believe it when I see it. I don't know how a set of countries can get together and carve out a completely new country in the middle of a piece of land with so much meaning to so many different groups of people, a piece of land that's been fought over for centuries upon centuries, and except it to work out.
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