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I think that the operative word in your statement is "should." It should be that way with younger generations, but that's idealism in the face of the human condition.

I saw a documentary once on PBS, a long time ago, I forget the name, but it was rather ambitious. The producers of the show got a group of young Palestinian kids and a group of young Israeli kids together, all about grade school. they sent these kids to a spend a few months together, for the summer. They had a blast, and became great friends. They knew they were supposed to not like each other, but they didn't know why. So they got along great over the summer. When it was time to part, the kids cried and said that they would be friends forever, and that they could never hate each other. It was really sad to see them say goodbye.

Then, the show met up with the kids several years later separately, when they were teenagers, to follow up. The Israeli kids hated the Palestinian kids and vice versa. They had in a one word, become indoctrinated. They talked about killing each other, and about how unjust it was that their enemies have their land, etc.

It was heartbreaking to see the change, and the venom that spewed from the mouths of these teens. They were so convicted in their beliefs because they believed what they had been taught from all the adults in their lives, not to mention the media in their respective countries. It's propaganda like no other. And when you think about it, people are very much the product in which they are raised.

Though I think your analogy has the right idea in terms of the Cold War, I do not think that it is an apt comparison. The Cold War didn't involve religion. When you through in religion, the feeling of entitlement of the holy land, the suppression both groups feel and have felt throughout history, all on top of a strip of land with so much crude oil, it's a completely different ballgame.

More than anything, religion just drives people nuts.
Here is a solution : demolish all the mosques and synagogues. Enslave anyone with a religion with taser dog collars and keep them in the same sty with pigs. Shoot human right activists, dismember them, and feed them to the enslaved. Problems solved. Now another problem arises : and that is to keep this plan totally perfect and to the instruction. 100%, no lapses. So who wants to carry this out?

The thing is that the issue isn't about religion, it is about parenting. I don't see my Muslim friends going all raged-up when a Jewish student from US came over for an exchange.

Given the fact that those aggressors lived in land-locked deserts with little or no source of fish for subsistence, their lack of intelligence could be attributed to the unavailability of Omega-3 in their daily meals. *sarcastic*

So which one will you choose? The former or the latter? Stalin quoted : "War solves all problems. No man, no problem." - and look what happened to the USSR in 1991 and the satellite states of Romania, and even the social and economical divides of East and West Germany. What he actually did not put into practice is to kill EVERYONE - including those who are apathetic to the oppression of the resistance. He killed off only the resistance.

Since both sides claimed they have won the war against each other, let me quote something from Einstein :

You may have won the war, but you have not won the peace.

or Invader Zim

You may have won the war, but you have not won the thing bigger than war!

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