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Originally Posted by JMvS View Post
For the moment, I think there won't be any major changes, as long as the Israelis have the Right of the Strongest with them chances are high the dialogue will remain as one sided as it had ever been.
But ultimately, they will lose at the demographic race, as they already have underwent the demographic transition, and they no longer can "rapatriate" more communities, since the Diaspora is either extinguished, or has found more peaceful Promised Lands.
Still, whether they will fade peacefully or bloodily is up to them.
where the heck did you bring that one from ?
the israelis are the ONLY side in the conflict that has made any steps towards peace (evacuating gaza, for example)
and have already signed peace agreements with other countries, and demonstrated that they are willing to trade large amounts of land for peace
and the only reason why there might BE peace is if israel remains the strong one in the region, to the point where trying to fight it seems like suicide
if the arabs countries believe that they CAN get rid of israel, they would continue to try to do so, since peace with it is considered even now to be nothing more then an unfortunate necessity even to those who have peace with them

peace in the middle east is not ever going to come in the way some people are dreaming about (with the jews and the arabs sitting around the fire singing songs)
don't try to think of the middle east through European eyes
peace would at best only remain a strategic and economic advantage, and nothing more
but at least is preferable to all out war

as for the demographic race, thats also bull
the arab population in israel remains under 20%, and decreasing (arab israeli birth rates are down to standard western levels of 3 kids per family at most)
the "diaspora" is still in full swing, with the tens of thousands of jews coming to israel every YEAR (over 16,000 this past year, and that was considered weak by most standards)
ironiclly, the increase in anti-semitic behavior in Europe, as a result of muslim immigration to eurpoe, is actually encouraging more and more jews to leave europe and move to israel
within the decade, you could well see the remaining European jewish population (1.5 million) leaving europe (considering where the wind is blowing)

i honestly don't know where this idea came from that israel, as it is today, is temporary
did no one bother learning history ?
was israel's existence seem more likely in the fifties ?
the claim of israel "fading away" has been around for over 60 years, and instead, its numbers, strength, and economy, have only increased with time, so don't count on Israel fading away any time soon

Originally Posted by MikaMiaka View Post
I think you left out the part in the article where it says, "Netanyahu had announced earlier he is willing to restart negotiations "at any time and at any place" while insisting they begin "without preconditions."" I don't know what that means, and through one view, it does make him sound reasonable, but on the other hand, do preconditions mean the stoppage of their building efforts? Or are the talks supposed to address this issue? Are preconditions a promise for both sides to stop the violence? I don't know. I don't know how talks like these can take place without "preconditions." It's almost like -- you have to accept preconditions as a sign of your seriousness.

But yeah, like you guys, I do hope for it.
no preconditions means : "you don't demand anything in order to start the negotiations, and all issues will be discussed during negotiations"
and the reason that the talks MUST be without preconditions, is because preconditions are only used as an excuse to DELAY the talks
there have been negotiations for over a decade without any preconditions, so don't start setting them now

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