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Originally Posted by Ryonea View Post
Simple but looks good I think maybe the writings (the Japanese characters and the K-ON!!) should be centered a bit, they're too close to the edges and also reduce the font size a little.
How about this?

Originally Posted by Ryonea View Post
Hmm.. if what you mean by "character titles" are the instrument, then Ui and Jun has Organ and Bass, but I don't know for Nodoka. Manager, maybe?
but if what you mean is the kanji writings, then I don't know ^^; I can't read Japanese
Yes, the instruments (but of course, Nodoka doesn't play an instrument. At first, I thought of using the one's from the manga:
Ui: Yui's Younger Sister; Nodoka: Yui's Friend; Jun: Ui's and Azusa's Friend
But then they might be a tad too long. Then there are the one's from the C79-only K-On!! showbag:
Ui: Accordion; Nodoka: Conduct; Jun: Bass
But then Ui and Nokoka's role is non-canon... for now.

And for those of you who don't know, the Japanese characters on ver. A (left) are the character's name, whlie ver. B (right) are the character song titles.
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