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Originally Posted by blaze0041 View Post
How about this?

Yes, the instruments (but of course, Nodoka doesn't play an instrument. At first, I thought of using the one's from the manga:
Ui: Yui's Younger Sister; Nodoka: Yui's Friend; Jun: Ui's and Azusa's Friend
But then they might be a tad too long. Then there are the one's from the C79-only K-On!! showbag:
Ui: Accordion; Nodoka: Conduct; Jun: Bass
But then Ui and Nokoka's role is non-canon... for now.

And for those of you who don't know, the Japanese characters on ver. A (left) are the character's name, whlie ver. B (right) are the character song titles.
Oh, sorry.. maybe "centered" isn't the right word to describe. What I meant is that the "K-ON!!" was placed too much to the right, and I think it'll look better if it is placed a bit to the left (still on the right side) so there'll be some space on the right side.

but the revised pics are also okay the font size looks better to me. Oh, and if you know how to use brushes, you might want to add some decorations to the background but this BG is also okay.

and regarding the titles... at least Ui and Jun had instruments, so it's just Nodoka whose title is confusing. I think using the titles from the C-79 are alright too since it came from official source.
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